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Customized Employment: Principles and Indicators

From Customized Employment: Applying Practical Solutions for Employment Success

Customized Employment is the voluntary negotiation of a personalized employment relationship between a specific individual and an employer that fulfills the business needs of the employer. The negotiation process addresses areas such as job duties, terms of employment, services and supports necessary to carry out the job duties, and expectations adapted to the needs or special circumstances of one particular job seeker.

Customized Employment strategies result in individually designed services, supports, and jobs negotiated to fit the needs of a specific job seeker or employee. These strategies may include aspects of other employment approaches, such as:

Customized Employment Strategies

The Customized Employment process is not a single strategy, service, or support but rather a flexible blend of strategies, services, and supports designed to increase employment options for job seekers with complex needs through voluntary negotiation of the employment relationship. Customized Employment can be useful for all job seekers, including those without disabilities, who have unique circumstances affecting employment. It builds on proven principles, services and supports, and strategies—such as supported employment—that have resulted in success for job seekers with complex needs. It is appropriate for job seekers and existing employees whose changing circumstances require negotiation to customize employment tasks, expectations, or working conditions.

Customized Employment Principles

The following principles are fundamental to Customized Employment.

The following fundamental principles are shared by Customized Employment and other employment processes.

Customized Employment Indicators

The following indicators must be present in order for a process to be considered Customized Employment.

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Customized Employment: Principles and Indicators
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