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Alvin: Alabama

After being unemployed for several months and having a difficult time obtaining employment due to a struggling economy, I decided to pursue self-employment as a personal and professional goal. The drought in employment and my specialized skills in engineering was my inspiration to pursue my dream of entrepreneurship. Owning my own business has allowed me to call my own shots and allowed me an opportunity to be my own boss. By receiving assistance from Easter Seals Central Alabama ACE Micro-Enterprise Program, I was able to make this dream a reality. I received management and technical assistance in writing my business plan. I also received a loan in the amount of $4,000. Management and technical assistance received allowed me an opportunity to obtain the skills needed to operate my business more successfully and use the business plan developed to assist in operating my business more efficiently and effectively. I was also able to use the funding to obtain equipment that I needed for my business. I was able to purchase solid works software, which is a 3-D modeling software that is the backbone of the service I provide to my clientele. The ESCA ACE Micro-Enterprise staff has been very helpful and supportive in the success of my small business.

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