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Person Centered Interagency Collaborative Process: Richmond, VA

Richmond Career Advancement Center

The One Stop system is unique in its use of partnerships to build uniquely effective service models. However, the complexity of managing partnerships is an ongoing challenge for the One Stop system, even for those who have a wide range of highly engaged partners within their system. While it is generally thought that a One Stop cannot have too many partners, having too many people at the table can actually cloud the groups vision of effective service delivery, especially when it comes to working with any one individual.

The Richmond Career Advancement Center, the designated One Stop for the City of Richmond, VA has developed a highly effectively model to optimize their use of partners in the system, in conjunction with their Person Centered Planning activities. For customers with significant support needs who are assisted through Person Centered Planning techniques, the Center will first arrange a preparatory meeting between all of their various partners to determine which will participate in each case, and who will take the lead, based on the expressed needs and goals of the individual. In this fashion, person centered career planning meetings are much more streamlined and efficient, and every participant has a clear concept of their own role in the process.

Of course, participants can change as the individual's employment process and relevant needs progress. The Center is developing a system to allow considerable information sharing between various partners to ensure continued engagement from all parties.

For more information, contact:

Aida L. Pacheco, Director
Customized Employment Grant
Richmond Career Advancement Center

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