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Employer Marketing: Benton-Franklin County, WA

Eastern Washington SUCCESS Project

The One-Stop was created as a place where a customer can receive numerous employment and training services through a single resource. No matter how many different agencies, funding sources, or training programs are accessed by the individual, it should appear as a single agency.

To better emulate this idea, the Benton-Franklin WorkSource has instituted a policy of anonymity for all of its on-site partners. None of the service providers display their agency affiliation in their offices or cubicles. Similarly, business-marketing efforts in the One-Stop have also been centralized around a single team that is divided not by agency or type of customer, but by an industry. As such, marketing representatives have positioned themselves as the sole source of recruitment for local business. Again, they must all do this in equal turns, and assist people without regard to their agency affiliation. There is a single job-tracking database, open to all customers (this spans the state, and is accessible online).

From the perspective of the customer, it is impossible to tell that the One-Stop is, in fact, a collection of agencies, rather than a unified entity. As such, the services offered through the Benton-Franklin One-Stop are unified for both the customer seeking work, and the customer seeking employees.

For further information please contact:

Michelle M. Mann
WorkSource Benton-Franklin

Cori C. DiBiase
National Center on Workforce and Disability

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