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Community Capacity Building: Detroit, MI

Detroit Partners for Customized Employment

The Detroit Customized Employment Project is building the capacity of its community to provide quality customized employment services to job seekers with disabilities through their One-Stop system. To achieve customized employment success, partner agencies such as WIA Case Managers and the public Vocational Rehabilitation agency provide services ranging from Discovery to job development. Now, external providers are being identified and trained to provide these services as well. Ultimately, approximately 60% of customized employment providers will be those external to the One-Stop, 20% will be internal navigator/case managers; and 20% new Customized Employment Coordinators.

The provision of Customized Employment has truly been a team effort. In some instances, Discovery is being provided by WIA case managers while community rehabilitation providers are being involved early in the process so that they can then effectively negotiate with employers on the job seekers' behalf. CEP team members are also training and mentoring job developers and essential staff at each site to expand the team's skills for conducting negotiations with employers.

In-kind services are being provided by some sources (e.g., WIA providers, Goodwill Industries), while exploration is being conducted on determining a fixed rate fee for all Customized Employment services, from Discovery to placement. A 4-6 week time frame is permitted for conducting the Discovery process and the development of a vocational profile. Quality assurance standards will also be reflected in the language of the contracts with providers. This uniform standard of service delivery and pricing will ensure mutually agreed upon expectations and consistency of pricing.

For more information, contact:
Patricia Chatman
Customized Employment Manager
Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit

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