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Self-Employment: Montana

Montana Choice, Control, Career Project

For many individuals with disabilities, self-employment is the means by which their skills and interests best translate in to a viable career options. While many resources exist to encourage and assist would-be entrepreneurs, few of these provide specific assistance with the barriers encountered by entrepreneurs with disabilities. Similarly, many disability-related resources provide significant assistance with job development, but assistance with business start-up is exceedingly rare.

Through the effort of the Montana, Choice, Control, Career project, the needs of these individuals are being effectively and dynamically met. In Glasgow, MT, a gentleman who spent most of his working life in a sheltered workshop setting now provides services directly to businesses throughout the town and surrounding area. In Alberton, a carpenter who was seriously injured at a job site and thereafter unable to continue his work now produces fine carpentry in his own shop. Through a unique use of blended resources and partnerships throughout the state, this project has assisted its customers in creating truly unique and customized careers.

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