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Building Capacity for Serving People with Disabilities Through the One-Stop System: Boston, MA

Quincy Career Center

The Quincy Career Center One-Stop in Massachusetts has implemented a number of strategies to improve their capacity to serve people with disabilities. Included in these is a Disability Program Navigator, funded by DOL Employment & Training Administration, who assists the One-Stop staff to better serve customers with disabilities by providing information and resources that address specific customer needs. The navigator also ensures that staff is trained in disability matters so they can more effectively serve customers. Additionally, the One-Stop has two Disability Employment Specialists who are subcontracted to offer onsite, very intensive and customized career services to eligible customers with disabilities.

Vocational rehabilitation and a Veterans Affairs staff also provide services specifically to customers with disabilities at the One-Stop. Working in the same location affords staff the opportunity to collaborate, which has a number of benefits, including continual commitment to increasing staff skill sets; the ability to customize services to an individuals needs; and the ability to maximize funding efficiency by avoiding duplication of services. For example, while receiving intensive customized services customers can take full advantage of the One-Stop�s core services, such as the resource library and workshops. Frequently, resource room staff consults the disability program navigator for additional resources that can support specific job seeker�s needs. The navigator will also meet with customers if it is determined that their direct expertise is needed. Customers with disabilities at the Quincy One-Stop receive services that are funded across multiple agencies in a way that more effectively meets their vocational goals and shares costs of placement. The result of offering intensive disability services in the One-Stop is an increased capacity to more effectively meet the needs of a diverse community through collaboration and effective use of limited resources.

For more information, please contact:

Cindy Thomas
Director of Employment Services
Institute for Community Inclusion
University of Massachusetts Boston
100 Morrissey Blvd.
Boston MA 02125

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