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Business Solutions Team: Frederick, MD

Businesses frequently complain that they are flooded by calls and visits from non-profits and job service agencies seeking to assist individuals in finding employment. Each of these companies serves a limited number of people, with a similarly limited range of skills and capacities. While many businesses would like to find such an agency to use for the majority of their staffing, the limited number of candidates any given agency works with makes it impossible to do so. While working with a non-profit agency as a means to outsource their recruitment is highly appealing to many businesses, dealing with numerous agencies for a variety of needs is far too time-consuming.

In answer to this, and in the hopes of better unifying the work of the Frederick County Business and Employment Center, Maryland WorkFORCE Promise in Frederick, Maryland is seeking to create a single team of marketers who will represent the One-Stop, rather than its various component agencies. The Business Liaison from Maryland WorkFORCE Promise, a WorkFORCE Action Grant funded initiative, has coordinated the effort of assembling a Business Solutions Team. A representative from the Eastern Washington Success Customized Employment initiative, who has implemented a similar strategy with great success, offered MWP assistance in the design of this team.

The project will promote the customers of the One-Stop as a whole, but will seek to train staff on many of the best practices of "Customized" Marketing and job development.

For further information, contact:

Cori C. DiBiase
National Center on Workforce and Disability/Adult

or Maryland WorkFORCE Promise

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