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One-Stop Centers and Social Security Disability Benefits

What You Should Know

Many people with disabilities that use One-Stop system services receive some type of Social Security disability benefits. Nationwide, over 8 million people with disabilities receive some form of these benefits.

When people with disabilities decide to seek employment, one of their key concerns is how employment will impact their social security benefits. Benefit regulations can be complex. One-Stop staff dont need to be experts; however, it is a good idea to have some understanding of the Social Security disability benefit programs in order to help recipients find employment.

People with disabilities often perceive employment-related regulations for Social Security benefits as insurmountable barriers to employment. However, in many cases, there is misunderstanding concerning the impact that employment will have on an individuals benefits. By providing information on basic Social Security Administration requirements, and assisting customers to obtain expertise in benefits management, One-Stop staff can help people with disabilities become more willing and confident in seeking employment.

Areas that One-Stop staff should be familiar with:

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David Hoff

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