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Amy’s Small Business Development

Indiana Customized Employment Project Program: Indianapolis Customized Employment Grant


Through High School vocational exploration and community-based education, Amy acquired an interest and the skills needed to perform the functions of a laundry attendant.

Now, Amy owns and operates a specialized laundry service for local hair salons. To establish this business she received supports from her mother and from several partners of the Indiana Customized Employment Grant based out of Indianapolis' Marion County One-Stop Career Centers. Partners on the project who helped make Amy’s business materialize include Vocational Rehabilitation; the Customized Employment Project administered through the Indianapolis Private Industry Council Inc., and transition services at North Central High School.

Each partner played an important role in making Amy's small business dreams a reality. Through her high school, Amy participated in a person-centered planning process that involved brainstorming and outlining a business plan. Through this process, Amy identified laundry service as an area that interested her.

Vocational Rehabilitation was involved in the process of brainstorming, planning and business development and has committed to assist with future business expansion. She also has purchased a washer, dryer, and towels with the help of Vocational Rehabilitation.

The Customized Employment Project contributed staff expert employment consultants and provided capital to purchase equipment for Amy's business. The employment consultant discussed options with her, and completed market research to determine the need for a towel service in the local community. This person also assisted Amy with the development of her business plan and will assist in the development of future business.

A business plan was developed and included follow-along services for 90 days. Amy's family was a part of he employment planning and development and has been tapped into to provide Amy's transportation. In addition, Amy's mother helped find a salon in need of towel service. Amy is now servicing one salon and is planning to expand to others.

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