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George's Carved Job

Georgia Workforce Action Grant: Jobs for All: An Olmstead Initiative


George works in a newly customized job as a Special Education Aide for Habersham Public Schools. Working with a customized employment team at his local One-Stop, George’s interests and assets were identified through the person-centered planning process. It became clear that George had many things to bring to a job in the school system, he likes working with kids, helping others, is active in his community, and is the author of a book, My Two Good Feet.

The next step was for George and the team to talk to employers. The Habersham Public School System expressed their needs and the contributions George could make working with students. The Habersham Electric Cooperative, a local company, offered to carve a Special Education Aide position for George with the public schools. Individual Assistance funding was used to purchase a computer for George to use on the job.

The outcome was George's new carved position, which fills a need in the Habersham Public schools and allows George to do exactly the things he wanted to do, help people and work with children.

For more information about this case study, please contact:

Rich Toscano, Project Director
(706) 340-0520 (voice)

Jenny Seagraves, Assistant Project Director
Institute on Human Development and Disability, University of Georgia
(706) 542-1284 (voice)

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