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Fact Sheet: Epilepsy

Definition of Epilepsy

A condition of the nervous system characterized by sudden seizures, muscle convulsions, and partial or total loss of consciousness for a short period.

Facts About Epilepsy

Characteristics of Seizures May Include

Guidelines For Assisting A Person Who Is Having A Seizure

If someone is having a seizure, in most cases, you should simply make sure the area is clear so the individual does not injure him/herself. People who have epilepsy are not violent against themselves or others during a seizure. However, certain safety precautions should be taken so that no one is hurt accidentally. Some safety precautions:


Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA)

4351 Garden City Drive, Suite 406
Landover, MD 20785
Voice: (301) 459-3700; (800) 332-1000
Publications: (301) 577-0100
Fax: (301) 577-4941

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