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One-Stops: Getting Involved in Transition

One-Stop systems can assist with the transition process by:

(See below for the IDEA definition of "transition."

Additionally, One-Stop systems can be involved in the transition process by:

Definition of Transition - Under IDEA (1997)

Transition services means a coordinated set of activities for a student with a disability that:

IDEA (1997) - Statement of Needed Transition Services

Transition planning begins not later than age 14 as part of the IEP, is updated annually, and requires that school district:

An Example of an Innovative Approach of One-Stop Collaboration with the Education System

Imagine a mini-WorkForce (One-Stop) Center in each high school. Thats the dream of Darryl Larson, coordinator of the High School Youth Ambassador Project, Minnesota WorkForce Center-Downtown St. Paul.

Using a grant, Larson has connected with school-to-work coordinators at five St. Paul high schools and hired five students. In the fall, those students spent 50 hours learning about the services available at WorkForce Centers. The students learned about techniques such as creative job searching, skills identification, resumes and cover letters, interviews, networking, and computer resources.

Larson expects the WorkForce Center ambassadors to take their newfound knowledge back with them to their schools and teach other students how to take advantage of these services. Id like to see a mini-WorkForce Center in every high school, Larson said. It's important that students learn about and prepare for the world of work.


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Adapted in part from the Interstate Conference of Employment Security Agencies website.

Written by:

David Hoff

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