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Career Planning Tool

One-Stop system staff may find this tool helpful in assisting a job seeker with planning their job search, particularly with individuals who need some clearer direction concerning what types of employment to pursue. This tool is meant to be a supplement, not a replacement of the tools that the One-Stop system may use for career exploration and planning with all customers such as those from Americas Labor Market Information System, Americas Career Kit and particularly Americas Career InfoNet (, O*NET Online (, and the O*NET Career Assessment and Exploration Tools ( Customers with disabilities should still have the opportunity to utilize the career exploration and planning tools that are used with all One-Stop customers.

Develop a Profile


Brainstorm possible work environments that might be a good setting for the job seeker. This can be done one-on-one with the job seeker. However, it can be more effective to get a variety of perspectives and ideas. If the customer is comfortable having others be part of this process, consider involving:

The job seeker and One-Stop staff can consult and brainstorm with these people on an individual basis. However, if the individual is comfortable with a group brainstorming process, with lots of people gathered together, its dynamics and energy can lead to some creative ideas, connections, and outcomes.

From brainstorming, develop a list of at least four criteria for a work environment that would be a good match for the individual.

  1. Others:

    Questions to consider:
    • Do we know enough to move ahead with a job search?
    • Are there things we can do to generate more information? (see list of ideas in the Career Exploration piece in this section)

Identify Types of Businesses

Once you have generated sufficient information concerning work environment preferences, identify types of businesses that would potentially be a good match for the person. If necessary, expand on these ideas by talking to other individuals outside the group.

Identify Connections to Those Businesses

Who works in or has a connection to the types of businesses listed above? Does the One-Stop system or the job seeker have contacts and relationships that could be utilized? Use the brainstorming group as the starting point for identifying these network connections, but also talk to anybody else who might be helpful (other One-Stop staff, other job seeker contacts, business people, etc.).

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Institute for Community Inclusion

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