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Finding the Right Job: Job Seeker Planning Tool

To succeed on a job, its important not to just take a job because you can earn money doing it. Its important to find a job that is a good match for you, and that you like what you do!

A job that is a good match is one where you are:

Before you start looking for a job, its a good idea to think about these things. While you may want to think about them by yourself, it also may be a good idea to talk to other people who know you to get their ideas. These could include:

Note: The One-Stop system has a number of excellent tools that can also help you in determining what types of jobs and careers might interest you. Among these are the following tools from the United States Department of Labor.

[Additional information on these O*NET tools is available at:] This form is intended to supplement, not replace those tools.

Some Questions To Help You

Here are some questions to think about, in deciding what kind of job would be good for you.

At Home:

At School:

At Work:

If youve had jobs or work experience (paid or unpaid):


There are a variety of things people consider in deciding what kind of job to pursue. What is important to some else, may not be important to you. In conducting a job search, its important to think about what things are absolutely required of a job, if you were to take it, what things would be nice to have (but arent absolutely required) and what things dont really matter. On the following is a list of items to think about. Put a check mark in the appropriate column which best describes how you feel about each item. Add any additional items that are important to you about a job.

The following list has been converted from table format.

If you got a job, what would be okay and not okay?

okay/not okay:

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