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Service coordination

This section explores the ways that One-Stop partners and other stakeholders collaborate to provide seamless services to customers.

Service Collaboration with Omar

Detroit’s Workforce Development Department facilitated the collaboration of employment resources through the establishment of a Customized Support Team, resulting in a meaningful position for Omar in a local Human Services organization.

Developing a Job for Joey: Maryland

Collaboration was the key to creating Joey's position at a local retail clothing store. His school, his employer, and a career specialist from the Maryland Customized Employment Partnership worked together with Joey to customize a job.

Self-Employment for Bo

Through a collaborative effort between the Indianapolis Customized Employment Project, the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, and transition services at his local high school, Bo is self-employed as a vending machine owner.

Amy’s Small Business Development

To establish her own business, Amy received supports from her mother, the Indianapolis Private Industry Council Inc.’s Customized Employment Project, Vocational Rehabilitation, and transition services at her High School.

Customized Employment Enriches the Lives of People with Significant Disabilities: Tennessee

Read examples of how job seekers with disabilities have achieved their goals through customized employment and the efforts of the Tennessee Customized Employment Partnership team.

Person Centered Interagency Collaborative Process: Richmond, VA

Person centered planning for individuals with barriers to employment is being conducted through an interagency collaboration at the Richmond Career Advancement Center.

Employer Marketing: Benton-Franklin County, WA

The Benton-Franklin WorkSource emphasizes the seamless nature of their services by requiring all partners to identify as members of WorkSource rather than their individual agency name.

Commitment to Employment for People with Disabilities: Nashville, TN

The WorkFORCE Action Grant in Nashville, Tennessee established an advisory group that proposed an Employment First Initiative, encouraging the Division of Mental Retardation to focus on employment as its new primary service.