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Vocational Rehabilitation

Provisions in the Final Regulations Governing the State VR Program Describing the Interplay with WIA and TWWIIA

This policy brief identifies and describes the provisions of the final regulation describing the responsibilities of the state Vocational Rehabilitation program as envisioned by WIA. The brief also describes the provisions in the final regulations describ

Summary of Regulations for Public VR Programs Pertaining to WIA & One-Stop Systems

A brief summary of the federal regulations and requirements concerning the role of public Vocational Rehabilitation programs as a partner in the One-Stop system

The Role of Public Vocational Rehabilitation and One-Stops

Discusses parameters and offers suggestions concerning the partnership between public VR and the One-Stop system

Provisions in the Workforce Investment Act Describing the Interplay between Workforce Investment Systems and Vocational Rehabilitation Programs

This policy brief identifies and describes the sections in Title I of the Workforce Investment Act that specifically reference the vocational rehabilitation program, individuals with disabilities, and organizations representing individuals with disabiliti