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Service Locator

Service Locator is a national resource for career seekers that directs the user to the wide variety of local Workforce Development and Job search resources available in their community. This site should be the first stop for any career seeker.

Making It Easier to Go to Work: What the Changes at Social Security Mean to You

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has developed a number of incentives or supports to assist people with disabilities to enter the workforce. The intent is to diminish the consequences and fears about returning to work. Recently, there have been a

Dealing with Gaps in Work History

Strategies for individuals who have significant periods of unemployment as part of their work histories

Networking: A Consumer Guide to an Effective Job Search

You can improve your job search by using a networking strategy. Networking means talking with many people to gather information and find opportunities to speak with prospective employers. This article lays out networking basics.

One-Stop Centers: A Guide for Job Seekers with Disabilities

The brief gives general information about the One-Stop system and answers specific questions individuals with disabilities may have about these services.

Finding the Right Job: Job Seeker Planning Tool

A tool that can be used by job seekers for career exploration and planning

Four Strategies to Find a Good Job: Advice from Job Seekers with Disabilities

In research from the Institute for Community Inclusion, workers with disabilities recommended ways to conduct a more effective job search

Starting with Me: A Guide to Person-Centered Planning for Job Seekers

Outlines a three-stage career development process that emphasizes using a person-centered approach for individuals with disabilities to make satisfying job choices. This brief guides job seekers through the process of assessing their interests, researchin