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Service coordination

This section explores the ways that One-Stop partners and other stakeholders collaborate to provide seamless services to customers.

Tips and Resources for One-Stop Staff to Assist Customers in Managing Social Security Disability Benefits

Comprehensive information on Social Security disability benefits

Customized Planning: Creating a Blueprint for Job Development

Describes how to develop an individualized career profile to use when negotiating with potential employers.

Making It Easier to Go to Work: What the Changes at Social Security Mean to You

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has developed a number of incentives or supports to assist people with disabilities to enter the workforce. The intent is to diminish the consequences and fears about returning to work. Recently, there have been a

Transportation for People with Disabilities

An overview of transportation issues for people with disabilities, with a list of suggestions for One-Stops in dealing with this issue.

One-Stop Systems Connecting with Disability Resources

Key to meeting the needs of people with disabilities is identifying local resources that can provide information and assistance when needed. This article provides resources for workforce development systems to contact disability agencies.

Independent Living Centers (ILCs)

What ILCs are, the services they provide, and how to contact an ILC in your area

Using Social Security Work Incentives to Pay for Transportation

A summary of ways that individuals receiving Social Security disability benefits can utilize Social Security Work Incentives to pay for transportation

Finding Transportation Solutions: Questions to Consider

A step-by-step list of to assist individuals in identifying transportation options

Funding Assistive Technology and Accommodations

A discussion of the options available for funding accommodations

Customized Employment Tools: The 30-Day Placement Plan

There are many steps to finding and getting the right job, and this process can be challenging. Many job seekers have found that breaking the job search down into a series of small, workable tasks makes the process much more manageable. It also gives the