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Service delivery

This section reviews methods for providing employment support to all One-Stop customers, including those with disabilities.

One-Stop Centers: Service Accessibility Checklist

A comprehensive checklist to be used by One-Stop Centers to ensure service accessibility

Evaluating Your Agency and Its Services: A Checklist for Job Seekers with Disabilities

It is important to evaluate employment services and decide if you are getting the results that you are looking for. You should have high expectations! If you are currently using an agency for help with employment, this checklist can help you make sure you

Achieving Quality Services: A Checklist for Evaluating Your Agency

This checklist can help staff and directors at One-Stop Centers and other agencies evaluate the quality and responsiveness of their services and how well they accommodate job seekers, including people with disabilities.

What Is Assistive Technology?

A quick overview of low- and high-tech tools and strategies that "assist" a person with a disability to do something that might not otherwise be possible

Low-Cost and No-Cost Accessibility Ideas

A list of easy ideas to help One-Stop Centers achieve accessibility for people with disabilities

Low-Tech and High-Tech Access to Computers

Tools and strategies that make it easier for people to use computers.

Getting Help in Making One-Stops Accessible

Resources and organizations that can assist One-Stops in ensuring full accessibility for people with disabilities

Examples of Electronically Accessible Work Stations and Kiosks

Based on information from a U.S. Department of Labor report, this article provides examples of how One-Stop systems around the country are handling electronic access.

Designing a Universally Accessible Electronic Work Station and Kiosk

Excerpts from a report presented to California's One-Stop Career Center Steering Committee that covers issues and strategies to consider when designing universally-accessible electronic workstations and kiosks

Job Accommodations and Assistive Technology: Where to Get Help

Local and national resources for outside assistance in developing job accommodations.

Unlocking the Potential of WIA Training Services: The 5 Key Questions to Ask´┐Ż and Answer!

The workbook includes "fill-in-the-blank" worksheets that will facilitate collecting the information needed to access WIA training services.