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Customized planning

Information from the exploration process is the foundation for customized employment planning. The customized employment planning process should result in a blueprint for the job search. There are also numerous tools - including profiles, portfolios, and other creative means - that can be used to capture, organize, and represent the information that was collected during exploration.

Customized Planning: Creating a Blueprint for Job Development

Describes how to develop an individualized career profile to use when negotiating with potential employers.

Customized Employment Tools: The 30-Day Placement Plan

There are many steps to finding and getting the right job, and this process can be challenging. Many job seekers have found that breaking the job search down into a series of small, workable tasks makes the process much more manageable. It also gives the

Finding the Right Job: Job Seeker Planning Tool

A tool that can be used by job seekers for career exploration and planning

The Vocational Profile

This article describes the process of developing a vocational profile and a tool to use to document this information.