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Employer negotiations

An essential element in customized employment is negotiating job duties and employee expectations to align the skills and interests of a job seeker to an employer's needs. This negotiation results in a job description that depicts a customized relationship between employer and employee. Options to customize a job description include job carving, negotiating a job description, job creation, and job sharing. Other points of potential negotiation include job supports, hours or location of the job, and specifics of supervision.

Negotiating with Employers: A Critical Step in Customized Employment

Describes the process of identifying negotiation points that address both the job seeker's and employer's needs.

When Existing Jobs Don't Fit: A Guide to Job Creation

This tool explores job creation as a way to modify or restructure existing jobs to fill the work needs of an employer while capitalizing on the skills and strengths of workers with significant disabilities.

Customized Employment Q&A

A factsheet from the T-TAP project and the Office of Disability Employment Policy at the U.S. Department of Labor answers frequently asked questions about customized employment. Areas covered include determining job seekers' and employers' needs and neg

Employer Perspectives and Customized Employment

A Tennessee info brief on how employers view hiring people with disabilities.

Online Seminar: Job Negotiation and Customized Employment

Web-based presentation by Pam Target of Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC on working with employers in customized employment.

Online Seminar: Making the Business Connection

Web-based presentation by John Luna, Director of Career Design and Development Services at Metrocare in Dallas, Texas.