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Individual accounts are comprised of one or more sources of employment service dollars that are dedicated to the individual and their employment plan. Fundamental to this funding approach is the principle that the individual has choice and control as to the services and supports used as well as in selecting traditional or non-traditional provider(s) that assist them in attaining employment.

Personal Budgets

Journal of Vocational Rehabilitation article by Michael Callahan of Marc Gold & Associates. Discusses key issues in the structure of the personal budgeting system and approach.

Promoting Self-Determination for Individuals with Disabilities Through Self-Directed Services

Information on the benefits of self-directed services.

Braided and Blended Funding

Bazelton Center for Mental Health Law definitions and examples of both blended and braided funding, which involve using resources from multiple funding sources to meet the needs of an individual.

Highlights: Inventory of Consumer-Directed Support Programs

Report from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on consumer direct support programs.

Individual Participant Budgets, Resource Development, and Coordination

A Powerpoint presentation that describes the use of individual budgets in customized employment. By Norciva Shumpert of Marc Gold & Associates and Abby Cooper from WA state VR.