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The Americans with Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) P.L. 101-336 Overview

An overview of the various titles of the ADA.

Pre-Employment Inquiries and the ADA

An overview of what employers can and cannot ask job applicants

Americans with Disabilities Act - Focus on Employment

Summary of the employment aspects of the ADA

Dispelling Myths about the Americans with Disabilities Act

A discussion of presumptions that are often made about the ADA versus the actual facts

The Americans with Disabilities Act: Employment Rights of Individuals with Disabilities

Excerpts from an EEOC booklet that summarizes the rights of individuals with disabilities under the ADA

Resources on the Americans with Disabilities Act & Other Legal Questions

Listing of organizations that provide resources, information, advocacy and services concerning the Americans with Disabilities Act

The Applicability of the ADA to Personal Assistance Services in the Workplace

Many states are currently analyzing whether and the extent to which personal assistance services (PAS) should be provided to individuals with disabilities in the workplace under the Medicaid or Vocational Rehabilitation programs. These deliberations requi