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Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers: Application to People with Disabilities

Recruitment and Retention of Older Workers: Considerations for Employers


JAN is a free consulting service designed to increase the employability of people with disabilities.

Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN)

The Employer Assistance & Recruiting Network (EARN) is a free service that connects employers looking for quality employees with skilled job candidates.

One-Stop System Staff - Contacting Employers

Here are some guidelines One-Stop staff should consider when representing job seekers with disabilities to employers.

Pre-Employment Inquiries and the ADA

An overview of what employers can and cannot ask job applicants

Why Employers Hire People with Disabilities

A summary of research whose findings may surprise you

Financial Incentives for Hiring People with Disabilities

A summary of tax credits and financial incentives that are available to employers who hire individuals with disabilities

Employer Tips on Interviewing Applicants with Disabilities

Guidelines for interviewing for One-Stop staff, to share with employers

Business Leadership Networks

A U.S. Department of Labor program that can help One-Stops and employers build relationships