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Customized Employment Innovation: Findings from the Field

Customized Employment- Employers and Workers: Creating a Competitive Edge

This comprehensive report explores the width and breadth of practical and systemic innovation from twenty-six ODEP-funded Customized Employment and WorkFORCE Action Grant sites. This report explores the policy implications of the host of new practices, collaborations and methods created through the operation of these grant projects.

Customized Employment Innovation: Series on Effective Systems Change Efforts

These issue-specific reports cull findings from the comprehensive report (above) around specific policy areas. Each of these briefs draws from findings from across multiple states to provide greater detail around a given subject area. These briefs encapsulate the findings of five years of intensive system and policy change efforts, and are vital to system and policy leaders seeking to create innovation in their own state or local area.

The Customized Employment Collection: Best Practices from Across the US

These briefs summarize the best practices and findings from twenty six Customized Employment and WorkFORCE Action Grant sites nationwide. Consult these briefs for further detail on the innovations discussed in the complete report and the individual subject area briefs (above).