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Customized Employment is an effective strategy to meet the employment needs of both job seekers and employers. It is being used throughout the country to help individuals with complex lives, including individuals with disabilities, obtain employment and increased economic independence.

Earlier this year, NCWD/A ran a five-session series covering the basic elements of Customized Employment. Introductory reading is online.

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You can download the Powerpoint presentations or the full webconference. Note that Centra sessions require a PC with the Centra 7.2 plug-in. See below for technical information.

1 - Overview: Meeting the Needs of Job Seekers and Employers

2 - Discovery and Exploration

3 - Customized Employment Planning

4 - Representing and Negotiating on a Job Seeker's Behalf

5 - Engaging Employers

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Presenter Bios

Norciva Shumpert
Consultant, Mark Gold & Associates; founding member and consultant, Employment for All
Sessions: All
Norciva consults with schools, mental health centers, families, and other community providers across the U.S. on employment, transition, and consumer choice and control of resources. She has directed or co-directed a number of initiatives, including a Texas self-employment project, a UCPA/Department of Labor project, the Choice Access Project, and a Projects with Industry grant. Other experiences include working for the Mississippi State Department of Health and for a local community mental health center.

Ellen Condon
Principal Investigator/Project Director at the Rural Institute, University of Montana
Session: 2 - Discovery and Exploration
Ellen is the principal investigator and project director for three transition projects: Linkages to Employment, WISER, and GTW. The Rural Institute transition department is currently working in the Bitterroot Valley, Mission Valley, Missoula, and Great Falls Schools. Ellen's areas of interest include employment, systematic instruction, transition, and Social Security work incentives. She has over 17 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities in residential, school, and employment settings.

Melinda Mast
Executive Director, Brain Injury Association of Kentucky
Session: 3 - Customized Employment Planning
For the past 18 years, Melinda has consulted throughout the U.S. on developing a customized approach to employment and services for people with disabilities. In recent years she has focused on providing training and technical assistance to projects that implement individual choice, support, and control of resources. Melinda is a partner in Employment for All, an organization dedicated to the ideal that access to employment should be available to all persons with disabilities. She has worked for Virginia Commonwealth University RRTC and the Texas Supported Employment Changeover Initiative. Melinda is a frequent speaker, consultant, and trainer on strategies and technology for including people with disabilities in the employment and social life of the community.

Michael Callahan
President, Marc Gold & Associates; VP, Employment for All
Session: 4 - Representing and Negotiating on a Job Seeker's Behalf
Michael has consulted on supported employment throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe for the past 23 years. He has worked with Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) since 1979 and became president of the organiza-tion after Marc Gold?s untimely death in 1982. MG&A is a n-etwork of consultants that provides techni-cal assistance to sys-tems, agencies, and families to ensure the complete com-munity participation of persons with severe disabilities. He has written numerous articles, chapters, manuals, and curricula pertaining to employment of persons with disabilities.

Richard G. Luecking, Ed.D.
President, TransCen, Inc.
Session: 5 - Engaging Employers
Richard has devoted most of his career to initiatives that link government-sponsored career and workforce development programs with businesses and employers. He has actively promoted these partnerships through program development, training, publications, and leadership in various professional, business, and community organizations. TransCen is dedicated to improving employment outcomes for people with disabilities.

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