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A Boston Globe op-ed by William Kiernan recommends that employers look beyond disability when putting together their workforce.

Facts and Figures on Workforce Development and Disability

Workforce/Disability Experts at NCWD/A

Sheila L. Fesko, NCWD Coordinator
Subjects: Research, employment counseling, One-Stop Career Centers

Sheila L. Fesko Sheila L. Fesko, Ph.D., is the Project Coordinator for the National Center on Workforce and Disability. She examines issues concerning inclusion of individuals with disabilities in the workforce development systems and ensuring access to services at One-Stop Career Centers. Sheila has also worked at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (the state vocational rehabilitation commission) and as a program manager for a community-based employment program, and is a certified rehabilitation counselor.

William Kiernan, Director, Institute for Community Inclusion
Subject: National trends

Dr. William KiernanWilliam Kiernan, Ph.D., is the Director of the Institute for Community Inclusion, NCWD's parent entity. Dr. Kiernan has 25 years' experience in working with individuals with disabilities in employment settings. He has written numerous books, book chapters, and journal articles on employment for individuals with disabilities and is considered a national expert on the subject.

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