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Universal Design for the Workforce Development System Toolkit

Universal Design for the Workforce Development System is a collection of tools, online training modules and best practice findings from the field, all of which are deigned to promote a workforce development system that is both responsive to local needs and realities, and able to meet the needs of its diverse businesses and career seeker customers. Taken together, these tools form a comprehensive system evaluation and change curriculum which users can customize to best meet their state and local needs.

The Universal Design systems change process is intended to be broadly and robustly collaborative, and these tools provide system leaders and change facilitators everything they need to engage in a process of lasting and meaningful systemic development.

Universal Design System Development Tools

UD System Development Matrix
The 'Matrix' is a summary of Universal Design concepts, broken down by Systemic and Operational categories. This tool is most useful as an introductory overview of the various elements of Universal Design for the Workforce Development System. The two versions below contain the same information and differ only in layout.

UD System Development Tool
The System Development Tool is a comprehensive system assessment and change tool. The Tool examines each of the categories explored in the Matrix at greater length, and is designed to be implemented in collaborative meetings between multiple systems leaders. In addition to the comprehensive assessment sections, the Tool also includes detailed instructions for system's change leaders, facilitators, and participants. The Tool can be accessed as a whole, or by customizing the sections most relevant to a state or local system:

Universal Design Online Training Module

Created for workforce development system personnel and leadership, this interactive curriculum integrates various tools, specific examples, and guest presentations on how Universal Design concepts can contribute toward more effective programs and services of the workforce development system.

Index of Universal Design Best Practices and Innovations from the Field

The Index is a collection of stories, resources and findings from across the country of workforce development systems that have best embodied the principles of Universal Design.